Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Movable ;means valuable materials that can be converted into money and expressed with money. Machinery Equipment, Vehicles, etc.
Real estate or immovable; property is defined as valuable materials that do not have a movable nature, can be converted into money and expressed with money. Land, Buildings etc.

Valuation ;is the independent, impartial, and objective assessment of assets or real estates, real estate projects and rights and benefits related to real estate that belong to all kinds of official and private, real and legal persons and organizations within the framework of the legislation in force by using international methods within the framework of ethical rules.

Real Estate Valuation Reportis the report prepared for the analyses such as how to reach this determined value and which data are used.

Real estate valuation companiesare the organizations that carry out the task of independently and impartially evaluating the possible value of real estates, real estate projects and rights and benefits related to a real estate on a certain date authorized by CMB, BRSA and RICS.

Valueris a person who will evaluate the rights and benefits related to a real estate, real estate project or a real estate, is employed by Real Estate Valuation Companies and has at least 3 years of experience in the fields of engineering, business-economy, architecture, and city and regional planning that are closely related to the field of activity of the company.

Due to the legislation, the valuers are not permitted to work for than one company, cannot act against the principles of objectivity and independence, cannot engage in real estate brokerage, and should not engage in behaviors incompatible with professional dignity.

The movable and immovable properties are converted into the value that can be used in financial transactions by means of valuation reports.
Factors such as the increase in the importance of immovable values in the economy in parallel with the development of the real estate sector in our country, the CMB’s search for “real value” arising from the principle of protecting the small investor, the purchase and sale of corporate properties, expropriation, the search for precision in real estate sharing, the distribution of real estate based tax, the determination of the price in the debt restructuring, transfer and exchange of legal persons and the analysis of bank assets according to objective criteria depending on the restructuring of the financial sector contribute to the development of this market.

• In order to determine the market value during the transactions
• To estimate the market rent of an asset
• In cases where real estates will be taken as collateral in credit transactions,
• In determining the value of real estate in corporate assets (IAS) *
• In public offerings
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• In enterprises keeping balance sheet according to IAS
• When a fair share of property is requested in the transfer of property by inheritance,
• When it is necessary to present the highest and best use analysis of the properties,
• In the studies to determine the ratio of the revenues to the expenses and the present project value of the investments to be made over the years (in financial feasibility studies)
• In insurance transactions,
• Sale & Lease back transactions,
• Estimation of the market value in case of expropriation,
• In the purchase, sale, leasing and revaluation of the properties in the portfolios of Real Estate Investment Partnerships (REITs), in the determination of compliance with the legal procedures at the beginning of the project,
• In case of real estate purchases and sales exceeding 5% of the paid-in capital of all companies according to the stock exchange transactions and if they put their own real estates as the same capital to another company,

The three approaches described and defined below in the International Valuation Standards (IVS). All of these are based on the principles of price balance, benefit expectation, or substitute economy. The basic valuation approaches are (a) Market (Comparison Method) Approach, (b) Income Approach, and (c) Cost Approach.
The market approach is based on comparing the subject asset with identical or similar assets (or liabilities) for which price information is available, such as a comparison with market transactions in the same, or closely similar, type of asset (or liability) within an appropriate time horizon.
The income approach is based on capitalisation or conversion of present and predicted income (cash flows), which may take a number of different forms, to produce a single current capital value. Among the forms taken, capitalisation of a conventional market-based income or discounting of a specific income projection can both be considered appropriate depending on the type of asset and whether such an approach would be adopted by market participants.
The cost approach is based on the economic principle that a purchaser will pay no more for an asset than the cost to obtain one of equal utility whether by purchase or construction.
The Cost Approach enables us to obtain healthy results if the participants are able to recreate an asset that has significantly the same benefit as the asset subject to valuation without legal restrictions and the asset can be re-created in a short time so that the participants do not have to pay a significant premium to be able to use the asset subject to valuation as soon as possible, the asset does not generate direct income and the unique nature of the asset makes the income approach or market approach impossible and/or the value base used is basically based on the substitution cost, as in the case of substitution value.
How much does a valuation report cost?
The cost of a valuation service varies due to the factors below (but not limited to):
• Type of the property
• The area of the property to be valued,
• The official institution fees in the province and district where the property is located.
Quality should not be compromised when searching for a valuation company.
It will always be for your benefit to get valuation service from a valuation company that is authorized by the CMB, BRSA, and RICS.
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The title deed fees are calculated and determined at the revaluation rate of the fixed fees (including the limits that determine the minimum and maximum amounts of fixed and relative fees) included in the tariffs subject to the Law No. 492 and the fees to be applied at the end of the year are announced as the tariff of the fees to be taken for the Land Registry and Cadastre transactions No. 4. (

It varies according to the location, nature, and size of the property. The cooperation process shown by the customers during the report period affects positively or negatively.

In our valuation reports, no distribution proposal is made according to the criteria such as surface area, quantity etc. in the distribution of real estates.
Objectivity is ensured by considering the value-based distribution in sharing.


Denge Real Estate Valuation and Consulting always aims to serve its customers in a reliable, independent, honest, objective, consistent and accountable manner. If you are not satisfied with the service you have received, or if you have suggestions for us to provide you with better service, you can learn how to contact us and how your application can be evaluated as follows.

How Can I Provide a Feedback?

You can submit your complaints by filling out the form under the heading “Contact us” at of our company or by contacting our customer representative directly.
• If you contact us by filling out the form on our website, please let us know all the details about the subject of your request.
• If we need additional information in order to evaluate the subject, we can contact you and request information.
• If you would like to contact us by phone, please provide us with the details necessary for us to resolve the matter.
• If you are not the person or institution directly involved in the complaint, we may ask you to prove that you are authorized to represent the complaining customer.
• If you have submitted your request by phone, please also send it in writing to the above mentioned e-mail address. This is to show that we fully and completely understand your request and that we have recorded it in writing.

Evaluation of the Request

Once we receive your request, our customer representative will record your information and forward you the tracking reference number to ensure that your request is tracked.
Within the scope of our customer relationship management procedure, your complaint will be evaluated by our customer representative, and we will review your request to resolve it.
We will try to conclude your request as quickly as possible by conducting a healthy evaluation. A final response will be given to your request within max. 3 working days and you will be informed about the situation in case of an unexpected development that will prolong the process during the evaluation of the issue.
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