The Message Of The Presıdent

As Denge Degerleme, our position in the sector is a result of being at the forefront of the preferences of our customers as well as providing the satisfaction of our employees.

Yes, we know that it is not possible to transfer our company to future generations without providing customer satisfaction in the valuation – consulting sector where competition is so intense. We believe in the fact that customer satisfaction can only be achieved by educated, qualified employees who think that their labor is rewarded and who have career goals. For this reason, we have endeavored to reflect the care we have shown to our customers to our employees in the same way.

Again, we consider fulfilling our public obligations as an opportunity that enables the development of our country and the creation of an environment in which the next ones can look to the future with confidence.

In short; As Denge Family, we are happy to be able to benefit our customers, employees and our country as a result of the service – reports and the results they produce.

Happy Successful Years…

Yours truly,
Baki Budakoğlu
Chairman of the Board