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At Denge, we have a policy of selecting, developing, evaluating, and managing our human resources based on modern criteria and the principle of equal opportunity. We strive to align the skills and competencies of our employees with the requirements of their roles. Our Human Resources department is committed to creating a dynamic, developmental, and innovative environment that supports the effective and efficient achievement of the company’s objectives. We aim to enhance employee performance and align individual targets with corporate goals. Through personal development initiatives, vocational training, and on-the-job learning, we strive to foster career growth and cultivate a high-performance team culture among our employees.

To facilitate the self-improvement of our employees, we organize annual trainings involving all personnel. Additionally, we provide vocational training and organize visits to different locations, enabling our permanent staff and solution partners to further develop their skills and contribute positively to both their personal growth and the company’s performance. In 2020, we also conducted regular evaluation meetings to boost employee motivation and awareness. We express our gratitude to all our employees for actively participating in these enjoyable events, as well as to Specialist Psychologist and Coach Mr. Erkan for their insightful presentations, and to Subsoul for their valuable support.

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