Vehicle Valuation

Automobile, light commercial, heavy vehicle vehicles etc. It is appreciated by considering body paint control, functionality, physical condition, historical damage records, mileage information and optional features.

In case of demand or need, expertise work is carried out in company with the service, and the performance status and maintenance and repair costs of the machine, work machine and vehicles are reported in detail.

Valuation of Marine Vehicles

All vessels such as yachts, tankers, tugs, fishing boats, dry cargo ships etc. are examined on site by naval engineers who have industry experience and valuation report is prepared by examining all legal documents of the vessel. Comprehensive survey report can be prepared upon request. Other services in the maritime sector are;

  • Ship Classification; Issuance of all legal certificates and class certificates, including ISM and ISPS, from certain class organizations,
  • Flag Registration; Documentation of ship registration procedures for certain flag states, consultancy services to operators and ship owners for ship registration,
  • Flag State Audit; Conducting audits on behalf of certain flag state administrations
  • Conducting insurance condition surveys,
  • Service and testing of compliance of GMDSS radio communication equipment for all ships with classification and international maritime rules and regulations and reporting to relevant class organizations and authorities,

Aircraft Valuation

All types of aircrafts, such as airplanes and helicopters, are seen on-site by the pilot, who has industry experience, and a valuation report is prepared by examining all legal documents of the aircraft.

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