Construction Level Progress Tracking

Real estate investors and financial institutions need technical consultancy with impartial and professional approaches during the development projects, and market value by using cost analysis for projects such as residential buildings, mixed-use projects, office buildings, shopping malls, industrial properties, hotels that will be newly built or under construction.

We offer services such as construction level and progress monitoring. Monitoring of the planned progress on the construction at certain times reduces the risk of investors by facilitating the follow-up of the construction process, thereby reducing the degree of risk.

The following services are provided by our experts all over Turkey;

Preparation of project monitoring and audit reports,

Reporting the legal and current status of the buildings,

Due diligence assessment (comparison of the current situation with official documents),

Monitoring of payment services according to construction level.

The main purpose of valuation is to assist in the decisions to be taken regarding property portfolios. These decisions may be for the transfer of the ownership, as well as for the provision of financing and credit. Valuation, is the process of determining the value of a property with a reliable and appropriate estimation, as a result of the evaluation of factors such as the quality, benefit, environment and conditions of use of a properrty. Findings to be obtained as a result of the valuation process form the basis of the decision to be taken regarding the property.