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Balance in All Aspects of Life

Denge Degerleme, established in 2005, is dedicated to providing swift and global solutions through its team of experienced professionals, scientific methodologies, and advanced technological infrastructure. The company ensures secure, unbiased, and independent reports for its clientele. Since its inception, Denge Degerleme has adhered to legal regulations, professional ethics, and corporate values, thereby maintaining its leading and impactful position in the industry. Holding authorizations from both the Capital Markets Board (CMB) and the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA), Denge Degerleme takes pride in its accreditation by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). This accreditation allows the company to carry out successful endeavors, both domestically and internationally, with the assurance that its reports hold validity worldwide.


Our mission is to provide sustainable services in the valuation sector, ensuring both employee and customer satisfaction. We achieve this by leveraging our “Balance Culture,” experienced staff, and technological infrastructure, while also maintaining respect for society and the environment.


We strive to be a sustainable company that adds value to our country.

Quality Policy

Established in 2005, our company is dedicated to delivering impartial, fast, reliable, accurate, and high-quality solutions in the securities and real estate valuation sector. We aim to actively shape the future of the industry through our leadership and creative institutional structure. We are committed to fulfilling all applicable legal and customer requirements.

At Denge, we have implemented a Quality Management System based on a process-oriented approach. We have defined performance indicators to monitor and continuously review our system and processes. Our top management is responsible for overseeing these indicators. Our primary objective is to adopt a customer-oriented approach, analyzing feedback and providing quality and prompt solutions to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction. Our top management is committed to continuously improving our Quality Management System. We handle complaints effectively and allocate the necessary resources to communicate and disseminate this commitment and quality policy within our company. We also consistently inform our employees and develop systems to raise their awareness.


Striving for sustainability and continuous growth, we support the personal and professional development of our employees through training initiatives, aiming to be the best in the industry. We value their participation and satisfaction by involving them in decision-making processes.

Our Values

Our relationships with the people and institutions we work with are based on trust. We provide all the services we offer in an impartial, fair and equitable manner within the framework of international standards and legal regulations.

We perform our services by adopting ethical values as a principle and adhering to high moral values in our relationships with our employees, customers and other institutions.

We do not compromise our independence and impartiality by providing professional and unbiased service in accordance with professional principles in all our activities.

We use our common sense and judgment, believing that high performance stems from a sense of responsibility. We act decisively, we don’t avoid responsibility.

We care about people. We create a safe and healthy communication environment with our customers and employees, where different ideas are freely expressed and open, sincere, respectful and valued.

By acting with the consciousness of “we”, we bring together the knowledge and skills of all employees and determine the paths to the goal together. We believe in achieving excellence when acted on in a team spirit.

In all our valuation activities, we perform our services based on technical and objective data, based on the principle of objectivity, far from being a party.

Our Principles

We compromise the needs of our customers correctly and evaluate them from a wide perspective; we work to ensure and increase the continuity of customer satisfaction by providing effective, realistic, applicable solutions.

Quality and speed are essential in all our activities. We offer quality and fast solutions above the expectations of our customers with our experienced and trained personnel.

We adopt a management approach that prioritizes participation in decision-making processes based on respectful and open communication with our employees. We make our decisions together with our employees, thinking of everyone and evaluating their impact on the entire Company.

Sustainability is our fundamental principle in achieving our vision. Our aim is to be a profitable, continuously growing company that continues to exist in its sector in the long term by providing employee and customer satisfaction.

To be a pioneer, followed and guiding company in its sector with what it does and will do.

We attach importance to individual and corporate performance by using the available resources in the most effective way, considering process efficiency and cost discipline.

We do our work honestly, consistently, in the most accurate way and at an equal distance to all parties, without prejudice.

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