Real Estate Valuation

Real estate valuation is a comprehensive process that involves estimating and assessing the value of a property based on various factors. These factors include the property’s location, size, physical characteristics, market conditions, legal situation, and income potential. Real estate valuation covers a wide range of property types, including lands, residential properties, commercial properties, industrial properties, health facilities, office buildings, warehouses, tourism and hospitality facilities, shopping malls, and more. It also includes the valuation of rights and benefits associated with the property.

Real estate valuation serves multiple purposes, including:

Estimating the market value of collateral for banks and financial institutions when providing financing.

  • Determining the value of guarantees provided by individuals and entities in the private and public sectors.
  • Valuing assets for companies following International Financial Reporting Standards and independent audits.
  • Determining the value of properties owned by public/non-public companies within the scope of the Capital Market Law.
  • Providing valuation reports for individuals involved in legal processes such as property purchase, sale, and property sharing.
  • Assessing the value of real estate for foreign citizens, including the acquisition of Turkish citizenship by investment.
  • Conducting valuations for disputed properties in legal proceedings.

It is crucial for real estate valuations to be carried out by independent and impartial valuers following International Valuation Standards (IAS). In Turkey, the authority to provide real estate valuation services is granted to CMB Licensed Real Estate Appraisal Companies authorized by the Capital Markets Board (CMB). It is recommended to seek services from companies with CMB licenses to ensure professionalism and compliance.

As a company authorized by the CMB, BRSA, and RICS, our team of 300 valuers provides impartial and objective valuation services for all types of properties, both in Turkey and internationally. We adhere to International Valuation Standards and ethical guidelines, ensuring the highest level of professionalism in our valuation services.

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