Real Estate Valuation

Real estate valuation is an estimation and assessment process regarding the value of a property, depending on criteria such as the location, size, nature, physical characteristics of the real estate, supply and demand conditions of the market in which it is located, market conditions, the legal situation, and the income potential.

The scope of real estate valuation includes all kinds of property types, especially asset types such as lands, residential properties, commercial properties, industrial properties, health facilities, office buildings, warehouses, tourism&hospitality facilities, shopping malls etc. In addition to the real estate valuation, the valuation of the rights and benefits attached to the real estate is also a part of the valuation process.

Real estate valuation is generally used for the following purposes, including but not limited to:

  • In estimating the market value of the collateral that banks and other financial institutions receive while providing financing.
  • In determining the equivalent of the guarantees received from real and legal persons in the private and public sectors.
  • In determining the value of the assets owened by the companies within the scope of International Financial Reporting Standards and independent audit.
  • In the process of determining the value of properties owned by joint stock companies, which are open to the public/non-public companies within the scope of the Capital Market Law, in accordance with the legislation.
  • In cases where real persons need a valuation report in purchase-sale, property sharing and other legal processes.
  • Acquisition of Turkish citizenship by investment, and real estate purchase&sale transactions of foreign citizens, which entered into force in 2018 in our country.
  • When valuation of disputed properties is required in judicial proceedings


It is important that the real estate valuation is carried out by an independent and impartial valuer within the framework of the International Valuation Standards (IAS). In Turkey, the authority to offer real estate valuation services has been granted to CMB Licensed Real Estate Appraisal Companies authorized by the Capital Markets Board (CMB), and it is recommended to get services from companies with CMB licenses.

As a company authorized by the CMB, BRSA and RICS, thanks to our team which consists of 300 valuers, we offer impartial and objective valuation services for all types of properties, in accordance with International Valuation Standards and ethical rules, both in Turkey and abroad.