Facility Valuation

In accordance with the IVS, by examining all machinery and equipment park on site:

  • As a whole, taking into account that the business is operating, taking into account the demand and the situation of the business,
  • Evaluation on-site and as a part of the business or as a whole,
  • On-site, but with the assumption that the business has not started production yet, or as a whole,
  • On-site, but evaluated with the assumption that the business is closed or as a whole,
  • Evaluation on the spot, but on the assumption that the forced sale of the business has been made,

The documents provided and the ownership status of the machinery and equipment are examined and stated in the report.

Energy Facility Valuation

We offer valuation services for various types of power plants such as; wind, hydroelectric, solar, geothermal, biogas, natural gas conversion, thermal etc.

Power plants are examined as a whole with their construction structures, agreements, licenses, machinery&equipment parks, energy transmission lines and infrastructure. Since they are income-generating facilities, the value of the facility is determined using the income approach based on the present value of the revenues, cash flows or cost savings generated by the facility. Our company provides energy facility valuation services in Turkey and abroad with its expert staff on energy facility valuation.

Valuation of Real Estate Auxiliary Units

Today, the element that gives buildings their characteristics is the auxiliary machinery and equipment in the building together with their structural features. Auxiliary machinery and equipment are machineries, installations and equipment that complement the real estates in which businesses operate and add qualifications to the property in question.

Electrical power transformers and electrical distribution panels, steam boilers, hot water boilers, compressed air compressors, cold water generators (chillers), hot water generators (boilers), energy facilities (power plant infrastructure), pool engines are some elements under the scope of auxiliary machinery units. It is very important that the hotel, shopping mall, business centre, industrial facilities are examined by expert mechanical engineers when real estate valuation is made. Thus, duplicate or incomplete valuation is prevented.

Facility Investment Progress Report

Preparing progress reports (field investigation reports, detailed progress report with technical details and budget analysis, executive summary report) for new or ongoing facility investments along with land, buildings, machinery equipment.

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