Bridge, January 2021

Our Company, which has been operating and developing in the valuation sector for many years, has gained a vast reservoir of data, information, and knowledge on any kind of immovable properties, machinery, and plants through the valuation reports we have issued. In this process, the required environment for sound information and insight production based on reliable and correct data has been created.

Throughout our many years of business life, we have witnessed the negative outcome of investments for investors when they were based on unconfirmed, wrong, or erroneous information. As a matter of fact, after saving your income for many years instead of spending them, turning them into an investment, and finally seeing a partial or complete loss, what you get is desperation as well as sorrow for the loss of the assurance you have tried to create for the future.
Failure to correctly invest with these savings which have been so hard to obtain may impact any investors of any segment regardless of large or small scale, but they definitely have the same result.
As a result, we wanted to make a contribution also in this field with a sense of responsibility, and realized our idea of investing in the field of Investment Consulting towards the end of last year

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