Does Knowledge Determine the Preference?

This issue of our release focuses on the shopping centers. Since mid-March, COVID-19 has dramatically impacted our lives, and the shopping centers, which many of us used to visit frequently in the pre-pandemic era to find more varieties of products together, buy them at reasonable prices, find many brands together, have our kids entertained, dine and wine, watch movies and socialize, have registered drastic turnover losses during the pandemics, which made it difficult to manage the course. And we wanted to present to you the specialists’ perspective on the conditions of these workplaces which hold an important place in our commercial and social life, and where hundreds of people are employed.

Of course, the first thing that comes on one’s mind about shopping is the exchange of clothes, food, household appliances, etc. which hold a prominent place in the maintenance of our daily lives and which are offered to the end consumers; nevertheless, I wanted to examine the processes of decision making among investment instruments such as housing, foreign exchange, gold, stocks, and funds which have constituted the shopping subjects of our investors particularly since the beginning of June.

The economic measures taken by our government to prevent the economic shrinkage caused by the decrease in demand as people have stayed at their homes during the pandemics period in question have revived the market as expected. For example, reduction of the loan interest rates for mortgages and starting the loan reimbursement one year later has created a notable briskness in the real estate market. A similar situation has also brought along records in automobile sales.

However this fact, keeping loans and therefore the deposit interests at a low level has caused depositors to explore or prefer other investment instruments. In this respect, a major portion of small investors preferred foreign exchange and a rather limited portion preferred stock purchase. It may be the reason why the foreign exchange account of domestic residents neared 200 billion dollars? 

Obviously the foreign currency has remained as the most trusted investment instruments by both small and large investors to maintain the worth of their money since earlier times. 

As a matter of fact, the range of investment instruments has been increased very much with the diversification of investment funds through regulations by the Capital Market Agency. Nevertheless, the fact that investors still prefer foreign currency instead of these instruments brings the question of whether the public has gained sufficient awareness of the diversity enabled through the regulations yet. Another question is if investors usually don’t take consulting services to decide which investment instrument to use because of the related cost. 

Stay safe and healthy…

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