Tangible Fixed Asset Valuation

It is our valuation service prepared to determine the current market value (fair value) according to the Turkish Accounting Standard No. 16 (TAS 16) of the rights benefits based on immovable and immovable properties in the nature of tangible fixed assets owned by the corporation.

Tangible fixed assets are the accounts in which tangible values such as buildings, vehicles, production machines, office desks that are purchased in the long term and will not be converted into cash within a year are monitored.

In our accounting system of tangible assets;

250 Land and Plots
251 Underground and Aboveground Layouts
252 Buildings
253 Plant, Machinery and Equipment
254 Vehicles
255 Fixtures
256 Other Tangible Fixed assets
257 Accumulated Depreciation (-)
258 Ongoing Investments
259 advances given
are recorded in the accounts. Accounts numbered 257, 258 and 259 are not included in the valuation of tangible fixed assets, but the records kept in these accounts include the records that we use in our valuation studies, especially those used in the valuation of ongoing projects.

When tangible fixed assets are purchased, they are recognized with cost values in accordance with the concept of cost basis. The VAT fee is not added to the cost.

In accordance with the periodicity principle of accounting, valuation reports should be prepared as of year-end closing or quarter periods.

According to accounting standards, it is aimed to determine the fair value of the asset related to the revaluation method used in the recognition of tangible fixed assets.

Fair value: It is the amount that should arise when an asset is exchanged between knowledgeable and willing groups or a debt is paid in the context of mutual bargaining. It is very important that market conditions are normal in determining fair value.

Peer comparison, cost and income approach are used in valuation transactions as specified in international valuation standards. Although the subject varies according to the nature of the asset, at least one of these approaches is usually valued using two approaches.

CMB licensed valuation experts who prepare the valuation report according to the variety of fixed assets also differ. For example, Map Engineer or City Planner, Civil Engineer or Architect in qualified structures, and our experienced mechanical engineer valuation experts are primarily involved in the valuation of mechanical equipment. Valuation reports prepared by the expert are checked by our auditors who have at least five years of experience and presented to our customers.

The prepared valuation reports are served as Tangible Fixed Asset Valuation Reports under the group that we group as Hybrid Valuation Reports prepared by different disciplines to be integrated into our accounting system.