Machinery Valuation

Machinery Valuation

It is the service of examining and reporting on the basis of independent machine(s) or as a whole with all production lines and auxiliary facilities. Machinery and equipment are inspected in detail by being seen on site, functionality, physical condition, maintenance history, etc., and value is appreciated by considering all technical information obtained.

Construction Equipment Valuation

Work machines such as excavators, loaders, forklifts, road cylinders etc. are seen in place and their functionality, physical condition, maintenance history etc. are examined in detail and value is appreciated considering all the technical information obtained. If requested and required, the performance status and maintenance and repair costs of the machine are reported in detail by conducting an expertise study accompanied by the service.

Lease Value Assessment

Kira Değer Tespiti
Preparation of reports for determining the rental value of machinery equipment

Machinery Assessment Report

It is the work of inspecting the machine on site and checking and reporting the conformity of the features specified in the proforma or technical document, physical condition, whether it is new or second-hand.

Proforma Control Report

It is the study of analyzing the purchase value specified in the proforma according to the technical specifications specified in the invoice and reporting whether it is appropriate.