Corporate Real Estate Management Consultancy

In our country, real estates experience rapid value change due to zoning application, change of administrative boundaries, cadastre renewal, expropriation, land consolidation, etc., the properties of the real estate or the general economic outlook of the country. Within the scope of our service, firstly, an inventory of the properties owned is created. Afterwards, valuation reports are prepared on an independent unit basis. We prepare periodic evaluation reports in line with the need in order to be able to compare the current situation and make predictions about the future before adapting to rapid change. We provide information with an executive summary throughout and at the end of the process related to all our works.

In accordance with the request of our customer, the Real Estate Management System software collects the chronological data of the real estates belonging to the Institution or individuals spatially and creates an information bank. The customer can access the data online and access the information and documents needed at any time.