Being “Dengeli”

As a balance family, our policy is to select, develop, evaluate and manage human resources in accordance with contemporary criteria and with the principle of equal opportunity for everyone by bringing together the skills and competencies of the employees with the requirements of the job.

Human Resources management is obliged to support the effective and efficient achievement of the Company’s objectives by creating a dynamic, developmental and innovative environment, increasing the performance of employees and reducing corporate targets to individual targets.

Our company aims to ensure career development through personal development, Vocational Training and on-the-job learning and to make its employees a part of a high performance team. Our goal is to ensure the career development of people and to make their employees part of a high-performance team.

In addition to the trainings carried out with the participation of all personnel at the end of the year in order for our employees to improve themselves, vocational training and provincial visits are provided to all our permanent staff and solution partners and to organize them in a way that will positively affect their development and company performance.

We have also implemented our regular evaluation meeting for 2020 in order to increase employee motivation and awareness. First of all, we would like to thank all our employees for their active participation in this pleasant organization and to Specialist Psychologist and Coach Mr. Erkan for their presentations and to Subsoul for their support.